Important Information for Teachers

SHEEP Teacher’s Contract 2015

Monthly Administrative Fee:  It takes many volunteers to run SHEEP efficiently.  These volunteer helpers clean the rooms, take out trash, watch the halls, run the front desk and keep track of payments and more.  If we did not have these helpers, SHEEP would not function.  These volunteer helper parents do not pay for all of their classes. To help cover these helpers and spread the cost fairly we will take 7.5% out of each teacher’s paycheck to help cover the costs of the helpers.  For example: If parents pay  $15 you would receive $13.88.  For $20 a student, you will get $18.50 per student. For $30 you would receive $27.75 and so on. The only students “free” in your class will be those whose parents serve you directly, like a class helper or others that you have made arrangements with.

Weekly Rolls: Rolls must be taken every week and turned in every week.  Pick up your rolls every Thursday morning at the front desk and turn in at the end of the day.  Paper rolls must be turned in before you leave on Thursday.  If rolls are not turned in, you will not be paid.  This will be enforced.  You are all independent contractors.  You must verify how many students are in your class.  If a student misses a class or two but the parents still pay, you will be paid.  If the parents do not pay, you will not be paid. You will be receiving two copies up to date rolls tonight. Please return one indicating who is free in your class for any reason.  When you return your rolls, I will give you your check for material fees.

Material fees: We will be collecting material fees ONLY once a year, unless you make special arrangements in advance. This amount will be placed with your course description on the web site. We will seek to collect these fees with the registration fees. If you have requested material fees, you will be paid for them only if they are paid to us.  It is your responsibility to remind parents that your class requires material fees and how much they are.  We will not pay material fees to you that have not been collected from parents.

Class Activities & Field Trips: Please inform the director of any activities with your class.  As an organization, SHEEP is liable wherever you go.  If you take any field trip off campus (nursing home, a photo or film shoot, e.g.),  it is mandatory to notify the SHEEP director in advance of the activity. If driving is involved, teachers must collect permission slips prior to the event.  No one can drive anyone other than their own child without a permission slip.  No one under 23 can drive anyone but their own siblings.

Teaching Outside SHEEP: If you teach on a 2nd day, this must be done in a public place (library, church, or restaurant, e.g.).  SHEEP insurance does not cover classes in your own home.

Room Policies: No teacher or anyone at SHEEP may occupy any room not assigned to them without permission. This is for YOUR protection and the protection of SHEEP. Never be in a room alone with a single student with the door closed. If you need a ‘prep’ room to prepare for a class you must have director approval before occupying a room at SHEEP.

You are responsible for your room.  Please leave it better than you found it.  Clean up any mess you made and make it presentable for the next class.  At the end of the day, please place all garbage collected in bags in the hall.  Our cleaners will vacuum.

Material & Curriculum: If SHEEP has paid for your curriculum or other materials with material fees or purchased them outright, please realize that these are property of SHEEP.   These may only be used to teach SHEEP classes.  You may not take these materials and use them to teach in other venues without the express written approval of the SHEEP board.

Non-Compete Clause: SHEEP does not have a non-compete policy. If you would like to teach at any other homeschool co-op, please do not do so without informing the SHEEP director.  You may not use material paid for by SHEEP at another venue.

Substitutes & Emergencies: If you or someone in your family is sick or you have an emergency, call or text  me before 8 AM at 270-8924. Do not leave me a message on Facebook.  Have a plan to keep your class busy in case of emergency.  You have two options for getting substitutes: 1) You can find a sub yourself. You may have arrangements with a helper in your class or have someone on call yourself. 2) We will have a pool of subs for you to call.  It will be your responsibility to find a replacement from this list.  The SHEEP director will not be arranging substitutes this year. If you choose someone from the list, you will pay the sub at least $20 for each class they are covering.  If you choose to pay more, that is up to you. You cannot cancel a class.

Director Communication: Please communicate with the SHEEP director through email. Do not communicate through Facebook.  If you stop the director in the hall to tell them of something very important, you can’t expect that your conversation will be remembered, so please send a confirmation email. It is the TEACHER’s responsibility to communicate with the director via email to verify any communications.

Student Info: If you need information on a student, like a phone number or anything similar, there is a box at the front desk that has all registration forms in it.

Parent Communication: As a teacher it is your job to keep parents informed.  Please email your parents weekly about what was taught, and what will be taught. Remember email is the primary communication medium at SHEEP.  If you contact your students’ parents through Facebook, you must also send an email to ensure those parents who don’t use Facebook receive all classroom information.  This will eliminate the common complaint from parents who say they unaware of updates because they either do not use Facebook or do not use it regularly. Parents sign an agreement that communication is through email.  They are told to check it regularly.  It is up to us to communicate in this prescribed way.  If you are going to have extra practices of any kind or at unscheduled times, please email the parents ahead of time. If you want to go on a field trip, email the parents. Do not expect the parents to accept radical changes.  Please courtesy copy the SHEEP director on all communications with the parents.

Communication & Conflict Resolution: Please remember that SHEEP is a cooperative effort of many Christian parents engaged in home education, meeting once per week, sharing knowledge and expertise in a broad range of subjects. The mission of SHEEP is to glorify God by assisting Christian home educators. As teachers, we are to set a Christ like example for our students and others so that Christ may be glorified in all things. What that means practically is that we should be peacemakers and setting examples by our life, speech, and even social media activities. Teachers should be using and encouraging others to use the basic peacemaking steps of Mt 18:15ff: 1) If someone offends you, go to them gently and state your case. 2) if they refuse to listen then take another along (another teacher or board member) to seek to solve the issue for the glory of Christ. We are to be about Christ’s honor, not our own as we serve at SHEEP.  Please remember that you represent SHEEP as a teacher.  If you have any problems with SHEEP, please contact the director or a board member and seek to resolve it through biblical peacemaking before you air your complaints publicly. Teachers should seek to assist students of SHEEP with these same principles in their lives.

Dismissal plan for disruptive students or uncooperative students or parents: We seek to follow a Mt. 18:15 path:

  • Student addressed by teacher in class or after class.  Remember to address issues early before they become a problem within class or before/after class if they are simply not completing work.
  • Communicate the issue to the student, parents & director via email.  This email may simply be documentation that you spoke with the student or parent. You may also require a response for more serious offenses or missing work. If you expect or require a response to your email communication, please clearly indicate that in your email to avoid miscommunication.
  • If there is no response or you continue to have difficulty, a teachers may take steps to dismiss the student from his or her class but only after opportunity is provided to have a face-to-face meeting between parent/student/teacher/board member to devise a solution.
  • Not all cases are clear cut in what we should do.  We should first of all remember Philippians 2:4-5:  Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.


In such cases that do not fit the above criteria with students or parents, let us look at the interest of others first and then ask how can we fix problems. Please inform us of the situation and how you want to handle it.   We will give you advice if you ask for it.  The SHEEP board will support the teacher. You as the teacher and as an independent contractor have the ultimate authority of what goes on in your class.  You get the ultimate choice of who may or may not participate in your class.

However, if upon investigation by the board we find that the teacher has acted in an unchristian manner, the SHEEP director and board reserve the right to not renew a teacher’s contract.



We cannot police every conflict in your classroom.  Please try to handle small individual issues on your own. If you have certain expectations, it may be best to have a written agreement between the parents and yourself (i.e., parents are responsible for costs of costumes, parents must provide rides to field trips). If you have extra practices, shoots or dress rehearsals the students are expected to attend, a written agreement is the best method to ensure parents understand your expectations. The SHEEP director can help you develop these.

Other Items: Use of the Sanctuary is by permission only.  You must first ask the director, then she will ask the office. No teacher, student or parent can use this area without permission, for any purpose.  No class can use the sanctuary on a regular basis.

Punctuality: Be on time for your classes and please do not let your classes out early or keep them late.

No students, not even your own children, are allowed to wander the halls, congregate at the front desk, hang out in the kitchen, or hang out in the parking lot during class.  This includes the final hour of the school day. If your child needs something to do, we can accommodate that need.

When SHEEP is concluded, playing in the gym is prohibited. If you must talk to other parents please make it quick and do not let your child play with anything in the gym; that means basketballs, toy cars, chairs, etc.  This is not our gym and unless children are in a supervised class with a SHEEP-approved teacher they may not use any gym equipment at all.

Syllabus or Scope and Sequence: Middle School through High School teachers: please have a syllabus ready before classes begin.  Email a copy to your parents and me before the 1st day of class.  For middle school parents, this will help them plan their own school year.  For High School Students they will need this in order to receive SC High School Credit for the class.  You can deviate from the syllabus.  We all do, but it is better to have some kind of plan. If your class is not a core class, like photography or film making, the students still need at least a scope and sequence of what will be covered.  They also need to know how you will be grading the students.  It can be subjective or as simple as “do all your assignments and you will receive an ‘A'”.  Parents and some accountability associations need to know what grading criteria you will be using. I must have a copy of the syllabus or scope and sequence before SHEEP begins.  This is not a suggestion but a necessity.

Review of classes:  Each year we will review classes held at SHEEP.  The board will decide if your class will continue with SHEEP the next year.

Room Condition: Notice how your room is laid out when you get there.  It must be that way when you leave.    If you are the last in your room, clean up all trash, wipe down all tables, and return chairs to their original places.  I will show everyone where the cleaning closet is located.  Leave your room as you found it.  I will have someone collecting trash during the last hour, but you must return your class to its former state.  If tables have been moved to your room, please see that they are returned before you leave for the day.  We want to leave the rooms better than we found them.

Paychecks & Employment terms: Your paychecks will be given out the last Thursday of the month.  The checks will be with the workers at the welcome desk.  It will be your responsibility to pick these up.  We will not come looking for you.  Please remember to come to the front desk to get your check.  I will not mail them as that adds unbudgeted administrative costs.

You are an independent employee of SHEEP.  We do not withhold taxes.  We do however report any earnings over $600 in a calendar year.  You must fill out a W-9 that SHEEP will keep on file.  We will send you a 1099 of your earnings in late around January 31st of the next year. Please fill out a W-9 before you leave this meeting.

Please fill out a new W-9 and contact information sheet and return to director.

REMEMBER: The most important thing to remember is that the director needs to know everything.  Whatever changes occur, cancellations, additions, room appearance issues, or sicknesses, please let me know. If you email any parent or all your parents always CC me.  If you are doing it, I need to know it.  Email me everything you tell your parents and students.  I mean everything!!!!

Statement of Faith: Many of you sign this because your children are in SHEEP.  I do however have a few teachers who do not have children in SHEEP.  I wanted all teachers to be aware of this so I added it to the teacher’s contract.




  • We believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, authoritative and the only Word of God.
  • We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons:  The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.
  • We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful man, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential and that this salvation is received through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and not as a result of good works.
  • We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life and to perform good works.
  • We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto resurrection of Life; they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord, Jesus Christ

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