Summer – Geometry

Summer – Geometry

Instructor: Marlana Preston

Email: marlanapreston [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade: 9 – 10

Monthly Cost: $55/ a month or 3 months $165 all at once.

Material Cost: $20

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-9:45

Place: Oakbrook Community Church

Class Dates: May 29 through August 14th

Prerequisites: algebra 1

Materials: textbook (McDougal Littell Geometry – 2001)

scientific or graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus is recommended)


binder with lined paper and graph paper

Additional information: Both students and parents will need to check Edmodo and email weekly. Details regarding will be given prior to start of class.

Contact information: Marlana Preston can be reached at marlanapreston [at] gmail [dot] com or at (843) 860-5701.

Course calendar: Please note that topics may change based on pacing of class. Any changes will be announced in class and posted on Edmodo. Students are responsible for keeping up with assignments and turning in work on set dates.


Class Topic
1 patterns, inductive reasoning, lines, points, angles
2 bisectors, angle relationships, area and perimeter
3 conditional and bi-conditional statements, deductive reasoning
4 lines, angles, perpendicular and parallel lines
5 triangles and congruence
6 perpendicular bisectors, medians, altitudes
7 mid-segments, inequalities in triangles
8 polygons, properties of parallelograms, quadrilaterals
9 rhombuses, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, kites
10 midterm review
11 transformations
12 ratio, proportion, similar polygons and triangles
13 Pythagorean theorem and converse
14 special right triangles, intro to trigonometry
15 circles – tangents, arcs, chords, inscribed angles
16 angle relationships, segments, equation of a circle
17 area and angles in polygons, perimeter
18 circles – area, circumference, arcs, sectors
19 solids – surface area and volume
20 final exam review
21 final exam


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