Middle School Spanish

Middle School Spanish

Grades: 6-8

Instructor: Sra. Kelly Osorio

Email: elreinoosorio [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone: 843-452-8658

Monthly Cost:  $24

Material fee: $37

This includes the price of the Textbook for Spanish is Fun, Book A.

If you already own the Textbook, please contact me and the material fee will be $20.

Prerequisites: None, just a desire to learn a new language!

This course is an introduction to Spanish grammar and culture. We do games and activities in class, learn songs to remember certain vocab words, and dig into Spanish and Latin American culture.

Book A is a gentle introduction into the first half of Spanish 1. This is not a high school credit. The workbook is great for practice at home, and available to purchase separately from the publisher at www.perfectionlearning.com.

We have one big project due at the end of the year. The students will choose a country in September and gather cultural information about that country all year long. That information will be compiled into a presentation, shared with the class, and a food item from that country made and brought on the last day of SHEEP to share.


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