Spanish 3 – 6

Spanish 3 – 6

Instructor: Debra Siegal

Email: debbie [at] siegalsnest [dot] com

Grade: 3rd-6th grade

Monthly Cost: $22

Materials Fee: $21

Prerequisite–Reading and writing at a 3rd grade level or higher. A basic understanding of English grammar is needed, as we will be learning Spanish grammar. Students need a 3-ring binder with 3 dividers (reference sheets, in-class work, homework) This class is meant to introduce older elementary students to the Spanish language. We will cover basic vocabulary (colors, numbers, food, animals) early in the year before introducing more advanced topics such as gender, verbs, adjectives, conjugating and even reading and writing sentences. A variety of teaching methods, such as songs, games, worksheets and hands-on activities will be used to teach concepts. Spanish-speaking countries anc culture will also be introduced. Homework will be sent home weekly. These assignments are meant to reinforce what is learned in class and to give students extra practice. I will collect homework each week and take it home to be graded. I will keep a record of grades, but only for informational purposes and to provide parents with feedback on their students’ progress, if they desire.

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