HS Spanish 1

HS Spanish 1

InstructorSra. Kelly Osorio

Email: elreinoosorio [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone: 843-452-8658

Grade: 9 – 12

Monthly Cost: $46  

Material Fee: $53

Please note we are no longer using Abeka.

This includes the price of the Textbook and Workbook for Spanish is Fun, Book 1.

If you already own the Textbook and the Workbook, please contact me and the material fee will be $21.

Prerequisites: None, just a desire to learn a new language!

-High School Spanish meets 2x a week on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the year. We continue classes beyond normal SHEEP schedule in December; we go until Monday, 12/17 in order to cover all material. For this extra two weeks, the cost is $20, to be paid directly to me, as the SHEEP accountants will be on break.

-December 17 is our joint Christmas party with the French classes, from 11am –1pm. Each student is asked to research and make/bring a Spanish or Latin American dish to share.

-In the second semester, we go to two Latin American restaurants in the Charleston area. These events will be held on a Monday around lunchtime and attendance is required.

-You will need a dictionary in Spanish and English, an actual book please. This reinforces vocab and Google translate is a crutch that will hinder new beginners in a language.

-Vocab memorization is required and to be done at home, however best absorbed by the student.

-There will be other optional opportunities to experience culture and language outside of class hours and I highly encourage my students to take advantage of those opportunities.


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