Registration and other fees

Registration fees are what make SHEEP run. Everything you see at SHEEP was bought with registration fees, from the name tags,  to the copy machine, brooms, white boards and everything in between. We also have a large insurance payment that we pay with these fees.These fees are one time and in addition to what you pay monthly.  These fees must be paid to register.

These fees are as follows:

For each student the fee is $15 for each class for each child.

Also remember, that in addition to monthly fees, some classes have material fees.  These are  once a year.  Please see course descriptions for these costs.

Registration fees are not refundable for any reason.

In addition to monthly fees there is a $10 admin fee per month per family.  This fee covers our rent as well as other expenses.

Also choose classes carefully as there is a $10 fee to make changes to the schedule.


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