Payment Agreement

By your signature on this Agreement, you are acknowledging a financial obligation to SHEEP and your responsibility to pay such obligation in a timely manner. Tuition is due each month on the first Thursday of the month. The term “Tuition” when used in this agreement refers to: the total amount per month due for all classes in which your children are enrolled, plus a $10 admin fee per month per family. The Facility fee covers payments to facilities as well as insurance.  Tuition paid after 1:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month is considered late and a $10 penalty/late fee is applied to your cumulative balance. Families who remain in arrears for a period of more than thirty (30) days will be removed from rolls of all SHEEP classes and programs and any amounts previously paid will not be refunded. Families who have a balance due will not be allowed to register for future classes until all amounts due have been paid. Families who are having difficulty making payments due to special or temporary circumstances are encouraged to speak to the director. Financial assistance is available in a limited amount; many volunteer opportunities exist to offset tuition. SHEEP will meet 2 weeks in May.  The half payment for those classes are due with the April payment.

Parent Payment Policy:

SHEEP is a partnership. Your monthly SHEEP payment should be paid by the 1st Thursday of the month BEFORE 1pm. Our teachers only get paid if you pay. Late payments make it very difficult for us to operate SHEEP. If we do not receive your payments by that time a $10 late fee is due. If a financial issue arises and you are going to be late please contact the DIRECTOR BEFORE your payment is due to make arrangements. Please note, if you have not paid, or made payment arrangements, your student will be sent to study hall on the 1st week of the month following non-payment and you will be called. You child will not be permitted to return until you have made arrangements for payments.

TUITION: See the class course description for detail of all amounts due for each class.

Tuition is per month and due monthly. SHEEP classes are during the months of September, October, November, January, February, March, and April. .Full tuition is due for these months. ½ payment is due for May. We meet 2 weeks in May. You must include this with your April payment.


If there are materials, text or copy fees due, it will be noted in the class description. Materials fees should be paid with registrations or by July 1st at the latest.  Anyone registering after July 1st must pay registration fees with registration forms. Materials fees MAY NOT be paid directly to the teacher unless directed that way. Some classes may require additional materials fees for projects during the year. Once paid to teacher material fees may not be refunded.Always read class descriptions carefully to confirm tuition and materials fees.

Admin Fee:

Your monthly fee will include a $10 Admin fee per family.  This pay for rent of the facility, insurance and other costs.



Whether or not your student attends class during all days of the month, you are responsible for payment of full tuition. SHEEP is a non-profit organization and DOES NOT have the ability to absorb unpaid tuition and the costs associated with teaching courses for students who stop coming to class. Notice is required for all drops and only under certain circumstances will the parent(s) of the dropping student be relieved of their financial responsibility to SHEEP.

The following are acceptable reasons for dropping some or all SHEEP classes: (i) death of a parent; (ii) moving 30 or more miles from class location; (iii) parent becomes unemployed; (iv) child enrolls in school.

The following examples are NOT acceptable reasons for breaking this agreement: (i) student loses interest in the program; (ii) student/parent has too many other activities, (iii) Child or parent decides they do not like the class or no longer has time for assignments.



Payment may be made at the front desk during class day before 1PM in the form of cash, personal check, or money order, or on the SHEEP website through PayPal. Payments WILL NOT be accepted through the front desk after 1 PM. Do not track down the director or anyone else to try to make a payment after 1 PM.


Instructions for PayPal payments: go to, Find the  Pay Now symbol on the right hand side of every page. Enter the amount in box above Pay Now and click or enter to be redirected to PayPal. INDICATE YOUR NAME and your children’s names and classes in the instructions when checking out so payment will be properly credited.



Any class dropped in violation of the terms of this agreement, unless by express permission of the Director, remains the financial responsibility of the registering parent(s). Unless you have the express permission of the Director to drop the class(es), you must continue to pay tuition for said class(es).


carefully consider classes before making a final decision and submitting your registration paperwork.


The creation of the class schedule, billing, and tracking attendance are extremely time intensive procedures. When you sign up for a class, a teacher is preparing for your child and continues to prepare for them each week. Because of the additional work and expense of class changes, dropping or switching classes is permitted ONLY in special circumstances and ONLY with notice to and permission of the director. Absence from a class does not constitute notice. Approval for dropping some or all SHEEP classes may only be given by the director.



You are permitted to make changes before SHEEP begins classes.  Due to the large amount of paper work involved each change had a $10 per change fee. Please choose your classes carefully as not cause undue burden on the SHEEP staff.  Once classes have started you may change classes at the beginning of the month up through January.  NO changes will be permitted after January

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