Reading Skills – Reading Comprehension

Reading Skills – Reading Comprehension

Instructor: Tiffany Norwood

Emailtnorwood11 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Grade: 2 – 4

Monthly Cost: $23

Material Cost: $21

I will provide text.

This class will cover reading skills. These skills are the foundation of good reading comprehension. It will be beneficial for children beginning these skills or as a review for children who already know these skills.

Students will be introduced to the skill, then taught how to apply the skill while reading. We will learn through a multi sensory approach so come ready to interact and learn.

Skills are: genre, author’s purpose, narrative elements, relating to text, prediction, fact and opinion, sequencing, compare/contrast, problem/solution, supporting details, cause and effect, main idea, context clues, character analysis, inferences, theme/moral, summarizing, author’s style/tone, and figurative language.

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