Instructor: Joell Morris

Email: cjmorris89 [at] msn [dot] com

Grades 6-9

Monthly fee: $22

Materials fee: $42

Who is ready to learn about Biology, including cells, microbes, animals, plant life and more? Who wants to do some dissections? Who wants to learn about earthquakes, the atmosphere, geology, weather and our solar system? Experiments? Yes! Fun? Yes! We will do all this, and more, in Rainbow Science, Year 2.

What is Rainbow Science? Rainbow Science is a 2 year, comprehensive science curriculum. Year one (which was taught 2015-16) covers physics and chemistry and Year two (which will be taught 2016-17) covers biology and a large variety of applied science. Rainbow Science covers foundations of General Science, Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science. The concise and easy to understand text is packed with lovely multi-color photographs and is written by an experienced teacher and homeschooling father. Their comprehension of the concepts covered will help them not only understand science, but also help prepare them for higher level high school sciences such as Apologia Biology.

Class at SHEEP is a lab science class. Work at home will require students to read both the text and lab in preparation for each lab class (completed easily 2 days out of the week) and attempt the exercises at the end of the reading sections in the text. Students are required to record information in their lab notebooks. This is a great program. It is written clearly and concisely and with humor, in such a way that your kids will get excited about science, which is priceless! Your kids will love science and learn so much! If you have not taken Year 1, no problem! You can jump in with the rest of us! Come on in, I promise we will have lots of fun! More information about Rainbow Science is available at the publisher’s website: www.beginningspublishing.com/version2/rainbow.htm.

Please contact me with any questions or if your student has any special needs which I can assist with as a teacher.


Textbook, purchased separately by you.

Lab Materials and Lab Notebook, which will be purchased with your materials fee.


When you buy the text book, The Rainbow by Durrell Dobbins, PhD, you are purchasing a text that will be used both years. So if you have taken Rainbow Science, Year 1, you do not need to purchase another textbook. The new textbook works out to a little over $40 per year for a science text ($85 new at http://beginningspublishing.com/oscommerce/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=29). That is decent for a good science text, but still expensive for many budgets. To save money, I strongly recommend that you buy the textbook used. It can be found on eBay or Amazon. Another good place to inquire would be through the SHEEP Facebook page, the LCHEA email loop or at local used curriculum sales.

MATERIALS FEES: Materials fees cover all supplies needed for every lab for the entire year as well as a lab notebook for each student. Students usually work in groups of 2 or 3, so those materials will be shared, but each student will have his or her own lab notebook. Additionally, I also plan to do a frog dissection in the spring for those students who wish to participate, which will cost approximately $12. Monies for that will be collected separately, prior to ordering dissection materials (AKA The Frog!).

Materials fees are paid directly to SHEEP. 

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