K4 – K5 Science

K4 – K5 Science

Instructor: Kristi Combs

Email: kristicombs111 [at] gmail [dot] com


Monthly Cost: $25

Material fee: $30

Pre-school science class will study and explore basic science concepts for early learners.  Class time will be spent in discussion and simple experimentation providing hands on learning for this early age group.  This interactive class gently introduces children to science through the account of creation in Genesis 1.  Science concepts for each day of creation will be broken into unit studies lasting 4-5 weeks each.  Students will create a lap book for each day of creation.  Some of the science concepts we will explore include: matter, molecules, the atmosphere, clouds, the ocean, soil, plants, photosynthesis, our solar system, time, insects, birds, marine creatures, mammals, and the amazing human body!  Your child will be amazed at God’s amazing handiwork!!

This class is best suited for 4 and 5 year olds.  Students will need to be able to color, write their name, and sit still for a reasonable period of time, as well as being verbal and completely potty trained.

There are no additional materials to be purchased by the parent.

Class limit: 12

(Please allow space for a waiting list of up to 5 for those who change their minds!)

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