Instructor: Sarah Walls, P.E.


Phone: 757-642-5898

Grades 10 – 12

Monthly Cost: $22

Material fee $21

Course Description: Using Apologia’s 2nd edition of Exploring Creation with Physics, this course is designed as a supplement for High School Juniors doing self-study using the textbook.

We will work through the labs and have opportunity to discuss principles and ideas of physics. Students will be required to work through textbook modules so they will be ready to do labs and submit homework. Since this is a college prep course emphasis will be on completing lab reports in a clear and concise manner.

Students must submit all labs using required electronic format (access to computer).

Algebra and basic trigonometry (Sin, Cos, Tan relationship of triangles) are required prerequisite skills. Students are required to submit chapter tests in order to receive a grade for the labs.


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