On-line Art Class for High School Fine Arts Credit

On-line Art Class for High School Fine Arts Credit

Class will be held online through Zoom Conference call

Instructor: Karen DeLoach

Emailearthenvesselsart [at] yahoo [dot] com

Phone Number: 843-926-7818

Monthly Cost: $40

Class Description:

This online Art class is for teenagers (and maybe a few advanced tweenagers). It is specifically geared towards earning a Fine Arts Credit for a SC High School diploma.

The first semester will be all about Drawing: the foundation of art. We will work out of the instructor’s ebook “How to Draw”- based on decades of helping students of various levels improve and develop drawing skills.

The second semester will be about Painting: specifically learning to mix and match color through the Color Wheel. We will be using the instructor’s ebook “How to Paint- Color Theory”. The use of examples from famous artists will help build educated opinions and true art appreciation.

The group class will be at a set time online, once a week using Zoom- a free software for conference calls. The call will last about 45 minutes and be recorded (in case students miss a class). There will be homework assignments to practice the exercises just covered and to read the textbook for the next lesson. Students will need to have a portfolio or folder to collect their work and to be able to see their progress of skill-building. Supplies and materials needed for each lesson is clearly listed in each Lesson. Everything is easy to find and simple to acquire.

Students (and/or parents) will be able to stay in touch with the instructor through email or texting. The times of the class are to-be-determined.

ebooks: $10 each (payable to Karen DeLoach)

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