Mystery of History 3

The Mystery of History 3

The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (MOH 3)

Instructor: Melissa Rhoton

Email: Mom2sjr [at] yahoo [dot] com

Grade: 4 to 8th

Monthly Cost:$22

Material Cost:$22


Textbook:  The Mystery of History Volume III:  The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations by Linda Lacour Hobar.

In this class, 3 lessons are studied each week. The students will be required to read each of those 3 lessons, and be prepared for class discussion.  The children enjoy this history class as we bring these events to life with a project due each month – sometimes tasting food from that area, acting out the battles, dressing up as our favorite person, bringing in Lego creations that illustrate our topics, etc.

This class is structured so that it fits all the different ages and allows the parents to decide how lightly or deeply to go in each lesson.  All pretests, tests and exercises (worksheets) are up to the parents to give and grade. The goal is to help the children find a love of history, not by listing the facts and memorizing the dates, but understanding what happened and why that is important.

The years of the Renaissance and Reformation were years of growth and change for both the world and the church. The Mystery of History, Volume III presents the years 1461-1707 through Christ-centered lens, exploring the backdrop to and significance of major cultural and historical events, alongside events in the history of Christianity.

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