Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Instructor: Risherrah Teti

Grades: 6-12

Monthly Fee: $28

Materials Fees: $40 (Includes Meet The Great Composers Book, Copywork, etc..)

Required Text/Recordings: Music Master’s CD Package $56.95 on Rainbow Resource’s Website

*Course Description: This course is for enjoyment and understanding of music through use of recorded music and song literature. We will study elements of Music and analysis of form and design and their relation to other subjects and activities.

Syllabus *Dates (approx) *

Week 1 Elements of Music

Week 2-Additional Elements of Music

Week 3-5*Medieval Music* Sacred and Secular Music, transition to Renaissance.

Week 6-9 *The Renaissance*, evolution of Polyphony

Week 10-13*The Baroque*, vocal and instrumental music.Transition to Classical.

Week 14 Musical forms, instruments and ensembles

Week 15-16 History of Hymns

Week 17-21 *Classical Music* Chamber Music, the Symphony, Concerto and Sonata, Opera 1st Viennese School. Absolute Forms, Transition to Romantic.

Week 22-25 *Romantic Music* The Art Song, Pian’e Forte, Program Music, Choral and Dramatic Music in the 19th Cen. transition to 20th Century

Week 26-30 *20**th** Century* i.e. “modern music” Impressionism and post-Impressionism, 2nd Viennese School Atonal-polytonal, nationalism, Jazz, R n’R etc.

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