Geography – Legends & Leagues West

Geography – Legends & Leagues West

Instructor: Mrs. Crystal McCall

Email: saxymccall [at] Hotmail [dot] com

Grade: 5 – 8 GradeĀ 

Monthly Cost: $23

Material Cost:$21

Required Text: Legends & Leagues West: Workbook (Ned Buster)

Optional Text: Legends & Leagues West: Storybook (Ned Buster)*

*The teacher will keep a copy for class use, however if you would like to own a copy to use this curriculum at home in the future, you may also purchase this book. Not required.

Class Description: “Legends & Leagues West: The Tall Tales of Mr. Bunyun”

Ready for an adventure west? Join Paul Bunyun, Mr. Longitude, and Mr. Latitude’s quest to search for the lost blue bovine, Babe. On their expedition they visit El Dorado, the Amazon River, Atlantis, and New York; go sailing, spelunking, and even meet Bigfoot. But they will need to watch out for the Qalupalik!

Class Information: Spanning the continents of North and South America, along with Central America and the Caribbean, this workbook includes colorful comprehension worksheets with vocabulary for each chapter of the storybook, along with maps and study questions of each region.

During the year we will be enjoying the included activities such as Local Flavor, Legends, Sightseeing, and Souvenirs. Two (2) quizzes and one (1) test will be given each semester.

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