Magic Tree House Literature

Magic Tree House Literature

Instructor: Debra Siegal
debbie [at] siegalsnest [dot] com
Phone: 8
Grade: 1 – 5 No students under age 6
Monthly Cost: $21
Materials Fee: $20

Required Texts (may be audio, purchased or checked out from the library):

Books we will cover (please note these are different books from the past year): * Pirates Past Noon (#4), Night of the Ninjas (#5), Day of the Dragon King (#14), Tonight on the Titanic (#17),**Dingoes at Dinnertime* * (#20), Revolutionary War on Wednesday (#22), * * Twister on Tuesday (#23), Earthquake in the Early Morning (#24), Stage Fright on a Summer Night (# 25), Night of the New Magicians (#35), Eve of the Emperor Penguin (#40), * * Leprechaun in Late Winter (#43), and Abe Lincoln at Last (#47)*

Prerequisite–Students must be able to read and copy simple notes from the board.

*A 3-ring binder will be needed to compile students’ work and will be sent home at the end of the year.

* Students must have access to Magic Tree house books outside of class either by buying them or borrowing from the library. It will be your responsibility to have each book when it is covered. Books are a magical portal to other places. When you read, you are transported to other places and meet many new and exotic friends. Let’s join Jack and Annie as they travel through time and space to many enchanting places with the help of the Magic Tree house! We will use the Magic Tree house series as a jumping off point to learn about different cultures, countries, time periods and animals. There will be a little history, science, social studies, geography and art incorporated in the studies. Little to no outside work, except reading will be expected. Occasionally a project may be sent home for completion.


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