Literature Club

Literature Club

Instructor: Sherry Osborne

Email: sherry [dot] osborne [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade:  2 – 6  Your child does not need to be a strong writer or reader for this class but you will need to read aloud some chapters at home.

Monthly Cost: $22 per month

Materials Fee: $10

As a busy home school mom, I often wish I had more time to read and have literature discussions with my children but life often gets in the way of our ideals. Or maybe you would like your children to enjoy books but instead they groan when you pull out the “literature study guides!” This was often the case in my house until I found the *Teaching the Classics* method by Adam & Missy Andrews.

This class will focus on learning the literary elements present in all works of fiction and analyzing literature through Socratic discussion rather than stacks of worksheets. We will begin the year learning a variety of literary & stylistic elements through the use of picture books and move quickly into longer, quality literature books, many of which have awards. The focus in this class will *not *be on reading mechanics (like my Foundations of Language Arts classes) nor on writing composition.

There will be very little writing because the class time will be spent on listening and discussion. The books can be read aloud by the parent, other siblings, or independently. Whatever the reading choice, parent and child will need complete the reading in a timely manner for group discussion to be possible. I will read aloud in class and discuss as we go. I will also communicate via email letting you know what book we’ll begin and reading deadlines.

Various Skills to be taught (depending on book choices) The backbone of this method is the story chart that includes literary elements like exposition, rising action, climax, denouement, conclusion, 5 types of conflict, and context. Plus: characters, protagonists, antagonists, and setting. Also literary devices like imagery, personification, assonance, alliteration, allusion, metaphors, and foreshadowing.

Other skills will be emphasized such as higher levels of deduction, literature comparison & contrasting, and being able to support your opinions with examples. Your child is welcome to bring in Thinking Putty or something non-messy and quiet, to fidget with while I read aloud. For many children, activity with the hands helps their brains focus and their ears open.

NOTE: I will do my best to choose books that are new to your child so I will not be handing out a “booklist.” Books will be decided and adjusted as I progress.


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