Life Skills

Course Name: Life Skills

Teacher’s Name: Melissa Rhoton

Email Address: mom2sjr [at] yahoo [dot] com

Grades: 4-8th

Monthly Cost: $22

Material Fee: $22


Do you wish your kids would help you out more around the house? Do your kids have “life skills” – the skills they will need now and for their future when they leave your home and become independent adults? Topics to be covered in this class include responsibility, people skills (manners), home skills (cleaning, laundry, cooking), safety rules, time organization (planning, prioritizing), space organization (bedroom, clutter), house skills (fixing things, car care), money, healthy habits (nutrition, first aid, hygiene), using your brain (what kind of learner are you?), spiritual habits (relationships, not rules), decision making, creativity, and finding joy in everyday life. This will be a fun, hands-on class with acting out skills, practicing with other students, demonstrations, and more! This class will help your child be equipped for life; now and in the future!

Students are required to practice life skills at home, which may include acts of service (make a bed, load or unload the dishwasher, etc.), keep track of their weekly activity, organizing their room, planning meals, and MORE! Completed weekly homework will be rewarded.

This class is based on the book Life Skills for Kids by Christine M. Field. (Book not required but helpful for parents)

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