Holy History Junior New Testament

Holy History JUNIOR– New Testament
Instructor: Susan Black 
Phone: 843-412-2527
Grades: Upper Elementary
Monthly Cost : $23
Materials fee: $21
Want your kids to love studying the Bible? The Holy History Illustrated
JUNIOR is the “big picture” – a perfect foundational Bible course for the upper elementary age. It helps students see how the whole bible fits together. This class will teach the major concepts, events and characters of each book of the New Testament through reading, listening, drawing and hand motions. An overview of each book is illustrated on a single page. When finished drawing, you will have both an illustration to save and an imprint on your minds to remember. *Holy History Jr. bridges the gap between the Bible 4 Kids class and the older Holy History Illustrated class. * It is a less in-depth study than the older Holy History, but follows the same format. This class is creative, fun, memorable way to study the Bible!”
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