World History: Ancient Civilizations High School

World History

Ancient Civilizations High School

Instructor: Kristi Combs

Email: kristicombs111 [at] gmail [dot] com

Grades: 10-12

Monthly Cost: $30

Material Costs: $40

This class will study the history of the world from Creation to the birth of Christ from a Christian world view perspective.  Students will be required to work through and participate in each of the nine units to receive credit for this class.  Students should expect to complete the text reading on their own time and come to class prepared to discuss the weeks topic.  In each unit students will also be required to do outside research on a relevant topic of their choice and turn in a written assignment.  In addition the students will participate in hands on learning including: constructing timelines, labeling maps, conducting science experiments, creating art projects, and cooking!  This class will endeavor to teach to all learning styles, modalities, and intelligences!  Assessment will be thoroughly explained to the students the first week of class and students should expect an assessment grade each week, making it easy to improve over the course of the class.  Students should expect to work hard, have fun, and learn something new in every class!  History=NOT boring.

Materials required: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible  Student Book

Available from or Christian Book Distributors (

Class limit: 20 (or the fire limit of the room)

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