Instructor: Tina Dunning

Emailtinadunning [at] bellsouth [dot] net


Grade: 10-12 grade

Monthly fee: $22.00

Material fee: $11.00

Psychology: A Christian Perspective teaches students the science of Psychology but does not lose sight of the belief that Mankind was created in the image of God and that the Bible best describes human nature.  We will study modern psychology’s core philosophical assumptions: naturalism, behaviorism, humanism, evolutionism, empiricism, moral relativism, and reductionism. The goal for our study of psychology, just like the study of biology, theology, history, and every other discipline, is to understand God’s creation.

We will be using Psychology: A Christian Perspective(required) by Dr. Tim Rice  


Homework Policy

Homework assignments must be completed. Class discussions and activities are based on the previous week’s assignment(s).


Class Discussions and activities: 20%

Homework Assignments: 20%

Project(s): 15%

Tests: 20%

Final Exam: 25%


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