Instructor: Marlana Preston

Email: marlanapreston [at] gmail [dot] com

Grades: 9-10

Monthly cost: $33

Material fee: $20

Textbook: McDougal Littell Geometry (2001)


Prerequisite: algebra 1

Accepted as a l credit for high school, This course focuses on the standard topics of geometry: angles, area, perimeter, volume, application of postulates and theorems, quadrilaterals, ratio/proportions, congruency, reasoning and proof, circles, and an introduction to trigonometry

Students will receive semester grades based on participation in class discussions, projects, quizzes and tests.

Required Supplies to bring to each class:

binder with lined paper and graph paper


scientific or graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus is recommended)


Class minimum: 4 students

Class maximum: 15 students

Class Topic
1 patterns, inductive reasoning, lines, points, angles
2 bisectors, angle relationships, area and perimeter (review)
3 conditional and bi-conditional statements, deductive reasoning
4 properties, statements and proofs (review)
5 lines, angles, perpendicular and parallel lines
6 proofs, properties of lines (review)
7 triangles and congruence part 1
8 triangles and congruence part 2
9 triangle proofs (review)
10 perpendicular bisectors, medians, altitudes
11 mid-segments, inequalities in triangles
12 indirect proofs (review)
13 polygons, properties of parallelograms, quadrilaterals
14 rhombuses, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, kites (review)
15 midterm review
16 transformations part 1
17 transformations part 2 (review)
18 ratio, proportion, similar polygons and triangles
19 proofs, proportions, dilation (review)
20 Pythagorean theorem and converse
21 special right triangles, intro to trigonometry
22 solving right triangles, vectors (review)
23 circles – tangents, arcs, chords, inscribed angles
24 angle relationships, segments, equation of a circle (review)
25 area and angles in polygons, perimeter
26 circles – area, circumference, arcs, sectors (review)
27 solids – surface area and volume (review)
28 final exam review
29 final exam


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