Apologia General Science

Apologia General Science

Instructor: Ginni Aban

Email: frogmor [at] hotmail [dot] com

Grades 6th – 8th  Must be 11 years old

Monthly Cost$24

Material Fee: $22 

Apologia General Science curriculum required

This course is intended to complement the bookwork and tests being completed at home. We will perform many of the labs from the Apologia General Science curriculum.

Labs will be performed in the following ways, depending on each lab’s requirements for time and materials: individual, lab partner, small group, instructor demonstration and instructor performed prior to class.

In addition to labs, this course includes lecture, module summary reviews (from the back of the book), and instructor-prepared materials. Some of the areas of science covered are Archaeology, Geology, Paleontology, the fossil record, DNA and more.

A syllabus will be provided that includes lesson plans and assignments for the year. Students will be required to keep a notebook for lab reports, assignments and handouts.

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