Fun With Math


Instructor: Laureen Rupert

Email: rupert6 [at] comcast [dot] net

Phone:  (843)991-8376

Grades:  3rd – 5th

Monthly Cost(s): $22

Materials fee: $21


This class is designed to help students learn their multiplication and division tables, fractions, decimals, measurements, counting money, telling time, etc.   All of those wonderful things that make your kids groan!  We will be reinforcing these concepts with manipulatives, games, crafts, and various other hands on activities.  The goal is to put the fun back into learning math.  This will not be a math curriculum, but a supplement to whatever curriculum you are already using.

Students will complete speed drills in class.  They will also receive homework sheets to complete during the week.  All work should be kept in a small 3-ring binder for easy access to both parents and teacher.

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