Bio-Chemistry (Forensics)

Bio-Chemistry (Forensics) Course Description 2017-2018

Instructor: Marlana Preston

email: marlanapreston [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade: 10 – 12

Monthly cost: $33/month

Material fee: $42 (lab supplies)

Forensics Course Description 2018-2019


Textbook: Forensic Science Fundamentals and Investigations (PDF textbook is available when you Google: Forensic-Science-Fundamentals-Investigations-book pdf)

Prerequisite: algebra 1 and biology or chemistry

Accepted as a l credit for high school, This course focuses on the standard topics of forensics, including but not limited to: crime scene investigation, hair and fiber analysis, fingerprinting, DNA, blood splatter, toxicology, forgery, soil analysis, ballistics, anthropology

Students will receive semester grades based on participation in class discussions, projects, quizzes and tests.

Required Supplies to bring to each class:

binder with lined paper



Class minimum: 4 students

Class maximum: 20 students




Class Topic
1 class policies, resources, lab safety
2 observations and crime scene investigations
3 hair analysis (labs)
4 fiber and textile analysis (labs)
5 pollen and spores
6 pollen and spore labs
7 fingerprints (labs)
8 Case study #1 projects due
10 DNA labs
11 blood and blood splatter
12 blood labs
13 drugs and toxicology (labs)
14 Case study #2 projects due
15 review chapters 1-9 and take home midterm
16 handwriting and forgery
17 handwriting labs
18 death forensics (labs)
19 soil analysis
20 soil labs
21 anthropology (labs)
22 glass analysis (labs)
23 casts and impressions
24 tool marks (labs)
25 ballistics
26 ballistics labs
27 Case study #3 projects due
28 final exam review
29 final exam


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