Elementary Science lab 4-6

Elementary Science Lab 4 – 6 

Instructor: Ginni Aban

Email:  frogmor@hotmail.com

Grades: 4-6 Must be 9 by September 1st

Monthly Cost: $24

Material Fee: $22 

Science Lab 4-6

Science is fun! Students learn through hands-on lab experiments, model making, microscopic exploring, instructor demonstrations and more.

The year will be divided into unit studies of physics, biology, astronomy, geology, and chemistry. With experiments, students will develop a hypothesis and work as a team in performing the experiment to find the result–“Was your hypothesis correct?” Students will document their learning experience by filling out age-appropriate lab reports which will be sent home each week.

A review sheet is also sent home weekly so parents are aware of what was covered. This class is intended to be an exciting no-pressure learning experience; therefore it has no homework and no required curriculum.

It is a great companion to the science curriculum of your choice. *While the experiments and concepts are identical to the Science Lab 1-3 class, we go into a deeper understanding of the material in Science Lab 4-6.



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