Elementary/Middle Cooking

Elementary/Middle School Cooking

Instructor: Julie Pasiecznik

Email: ​sixinbroadway [at] msn [dot] com

Grades: 4 – 6 Strict limit of 9 students per class

Monthly Cost: $35

Materials Fee: $50

What will I learn in cooking class?

  • Learn to prepare and cook fresh food.
  • Learn to follow recipes.
  • Learn about healthy food.
  • Learn to explore your creativity.
  • Learn to how to use kitchen equipment and appliances.
  • Learn about kitchen safety and hygiene.
  • Learn hands on cooking techniques.
  • Communicate with other kids/teens.
  • Gain self confidence.
  • Learn a life long skill.

There will be a few lecture classes throughout the year but most of the time will be spent in the kitchen as this is a hands on class. This class is for students who understand the importance of teamwork, who are able to focus (as we have a limited amount of time) and are willing to try new tastes.

The students are strongly encouraged to cook at home as often as possible so they can continue to learn by doing.

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