Early Readers

Early Readers

Instructor: Kristi Combs

Email: kristicombs111 [at] gmail [dot] com

Grades: 1st-3rd (ages 6-9)

Monthly Cost: $30

Material Fees: $30

Does your child know the letter sounds but is struggling to take off reading independently? The Early Readers class is an in depth review of basic phonics skills.  This class teaches decoding skills by direct instruction.  Students will study the patterns and rules of the English language, including vowel and consonant sounds, syllable rules, punctuation, homophones, diagrams, and consonant blends.   We will work to recognize often used words by sight.  Students will receive instruction in how to correctly divide and sound out syllables in new or longer words.  This fun and engaging class will offer practice for students encountering language difficulties and will endeavor to offer unique remedial solutions for reluctant or struggling young readers.

Students enrolled in this class must have already completed a basic introduction to phonics.  This is not a class for first introduction to letter sounds.  Also, this class will probably move too slowly for students who are already fluent readers.

Required textbook: Primary Arts of Language: Reading  Student Book                                             Available from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW.com) or Christian Book Distributors (CBD.com)

Class limit: 15

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