Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Instructor: Mary Barefield

Email*: marybarefield [at] yahoo [dot] com

Grades* 9-12th

Monthly Cost* $23

Material Cost: $12

This course is intended to expand our students’ computer skills that are necessary for success in everyday life regardless of a given career path. The broad range of topics will span from basic computer hardware and software to applications and Internet technology. Some components of the syllabus will include basic computer operations and terminology, internet basics, business software applications to include Microsoft Office or Google applications. Students will explore using these tools to solve real world problems to include resume building, working with spreadsheets to solve business problems, and developing and delivering presentations. Students will also be introduced to basic computer coding. The objective of the course is that upon completion, students will be much more fluent in the terminology and application of digital technology in their everyday life as well as prepare them for application to career opportunities in the future.

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