Elementary Chorus

Elementary Chorus

Instructor: Amy King

Email: SHEEPDirector [at] gmail [dot] com

Grades: 1 – 6

Monthly Cost(s): $23

Material Fee: $24

$23 material fee to help pay for music, the purchase of the musical, microphones and much more Does your child like to sing? Do they want to be on stage? This class is for all budding young singers. We will also be performing in the Christmas Program and performing a Spring Musical. In the past we have performed *Winnie the Pooh* and *101 Dalmatians., The Jungle Book.* and *The Aristocats. *With very little extra rehearsals this class is a great introduction to musical theater.

We will have tryouts for major parts but I try to make sure every child is on the stage as much as possible.

Parents are responsible for costumes.

I am looking for a parent who will help coordinate costumes for the Spring musical. Your job will be to insure all have the correct costumes and coordinate the making of the costumes. Ability to sew is a must. This person’s child or children will be free in my class. If you are interested in this position, please contact instructor via email for more information.

Children will perform in the SHEEP Christmas and End of Year Programs as well as in the Spring Musical.

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