Chess Class

Chess Class

Instructors: Sherry & Riley Osborne

Email: sherry [dot] osborne [at] gmail [dot] com

Grades: 3rd & up

Monthly Cost: $22

Materials Fee: $25

The educational benefits of chess is indisputable!

This problem solving game requires one to think ahead, improves memory, and increases math scores. In short, chess is a brain booster!

Chess class will begin with the basics and quickly progress to more advanced concepts to prevent skilled players from getting bored. Students will learn the pieces, their values, the best strategies for each piece, and learn the most important squares to control. They will then learn many special moves and when to trade & capture pieces.

To learn these skills, we will use short video lessons taught by a national chess champion with the addition of demonstration, worksheet practice, and of course hands on playing in each class. Though the grade span is wide, children will be paired according to ability and age for in class practice games. Let the fun begin!

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