Chemistry Lecture

Chemistry Lecture Course Description 2017-2018

Instructor: Marlana Preston

email: marlanapreston [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade: 10-12

Monthly cost: $33/month

Material fee: $20

Textbook: Exploring Creation Through Chemistry, 2nd Edition (Apologia)


Prerequisite: algebra 1 and physical science or biology

Accepted as a l credit for high school, This course focuses on the standard topics of chemistry, including but not limited to: periodic table and trends, stoichiometry, orbitals, electron configuration, conversions, chemistry laws, atomic structure

Students will receive semester grades based on participation in class discussions, projects, quizzes and tests. Please note that chemistry lecture is 50% of the chemistry grade. Labs make up the other 50%. A lab course is offered on Thursdays at SHEEP, or you may supplement with labs from home. If you are working on labs at home, students will need to bring in lab reports twice a year. These will be checked for completion by me, but not graded by me.

Required Supplies to bring to each class:

binder with lined paper



Class minimum: 4 students

Class maximum: 15 students




Class Topic
1 class policies, resources, measurements
2 energy, heat and temperature
3 atoms
4 molecules
5 matter
6 physical and chemical changes
7 mod 1-4 review
8 chemical equations part 1
9 chemical equations part 2
10 stoichiometry part 1
11 stoichiometry part 2
12 atomic structures
13 molecular structures
14 mod 1-8 review and take home midterm
15 polyatomic ions
16 acids and bases part 1
17 acids and bases part 2
18 solutions part 1
19 solutions part 2
20 gas laws
21 mod 9-12 review
22 thermodynamics part 1
23 thermodynamics part 2
24 kinetics
25 equilibrium
26 reduction and oxidation reactions part 1
27 reduction and oxidation reactions part 2
28 final exam review
29 final exam







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