Biology Lab

Biology Lab Course Description
Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition

Instructor: Jacqui Schley


Grades: 9-12th must be registered as 9th grade or above with their accountability group.

Monthly Cost: $27

Material Fee:  $21

Text: Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition

Pre-requisites: Physical Science and student must be registered as 9th grade or above with their accountability group. Additional required supplies: 3-ring binder and colored pencils.

The lab grade counts 1/3 of the overall Biology grade; tests and other at-home work make up the remaining 2/3 of the course grade. Students will be graded on weekly lab reports, quizzes, occasional formal lab reports, maintaining a neat lab notebook, and two major projects: a cell model due before Christmas break and a collection –  identification project due the week after Spring break. Projects must be turned in by the due date even if student is absent. Detailed instructions for all assignments will be given in class. Absences are excused only with an email from parent within 24 hours of missed class. Late assignments will drop 1 letter grade; no late assignments accepted after 1 week. Students read the modules at home, parents grade all text work (tests, study guides, on-your-own questions) and textbook progress will be checked at the end of each semester.

Topics include: properly collecting, observing, and analyzing data during a laboratory experiment, use and care for a microscope, writing up scientific experiments and connecting text concepts to the lab observations, dissecting animal specimens. The course will include labs covering microscopic organisms, cell functions, mitosis, DNA/RNA, genetics, animal and plant life, and other biological concepts.


Week Topic/Lab Expected Progress
1 Intro, Lab 1.1  
2 Lab 1.2- Microscope Module 1
3 Microscope Quiz, Lab 2.1, Intro to Monera/Protista  
4 Pond Water Labs Intro Module 2
5 Lab 3.2, worksheets  
6 Lab 3.3 Module 3
7 Lab 4.1  
8 Yeast Lab Module 4
9 Lab 4.3  
10 Lab 5.1/ Lab 5.2 Module 5
11 Lab 6.1/6.2  
12 Candy Quiz, CELL MODEL DUE Module 6
13 Cell Quiz, Module 7 lab  
14 Lab 7.2 Mitosis  Module 7
15 Lab 8.2, 8.3, 8.1  
16 Module 9 DVD Mod 8/Mod 9
17 Module 10 discussion  
18 Module 11 Labs Module 10
  WINTER BREAK Module 11
19 Insect Identification (Lab 12.2)  
20 Crayfish Dissection Module 12
21 Frog Dissection  
22 Perch Dissection Module 13
23 Lab 14.1  
24 Lab 14.2 Module 14
25 Lab 15.1  
26 Dicot Lab, COLLECTION PROJECT DUE  Progress/Notebook
27 Lab 15.2 Module 15
28 Module 16 activities  
29 Candy Quiz  


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