Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation

Instructor: Risherrah Teti


Grade: 6-12th

Monthly Cost:$28

Material Fee:$40 (Full Color Copies, Art Utensils, In-Class Activities)

Required Text: Artistic Pursuits High School 9-12 Book One: The Elements of Art and Composition by Brenda Ellis. Available Through CBD and Amazon. $45

No Prerequisite. Please keep in mind this is an art appreciation class and there will be some sculptures, paintings, etc., that are nude. This is kept at a bare minimum but there are a few such as David by Michelangelo. There will also be several opportunities for field trips to art museums and to Brook Green Gardens throughout the year.


Week 1) What is Art? Purposes and Functions of Art

Week 2) Awareness, Creativity, & Communication

Week 3) The Visual Elements

Week 4) Principals of Design & Evaluating Art

Week 5) Media and Technique

Week 6) Ancient Art

Week 7) Medieval Art

Week 8) Renaissance Art

Week 9) Baroque Art

Week 10) Rocco Art

Week 11) Neoclassical Art

Week 12) Romanticism

Week 13) Academic Art & Pre-Raphaelite Art

Week 14) Realism

Week 15) Impressionism Post-Impressionism

Week 16) Symbolism & Fauvism Expressionism

Week 17) Cubism

Week 18) Futurism & Dada Abstract Art Surrealism

Week 19) Art Deco

Week 20) Pop Art

Week 21) Other Post-Modern Art

Week 22) Asian Art

Week 23) African Art

Week 24) Art From The Early Americas

Week 25) Reserved for in Class Art Activity

Week 26) Reserved for in Class Art Activity

Week 27) Reserved for in Class Art Activity

Week 28) Reserved for in Class Art Activity

Week 29) Reserved for in Class Art Activity

Week 30) Projects Due


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