AP Psychology

AP Psychology

Instructor: Ryan Brownlow

Email: ryan [at] fellowship [dot] org

Grade: 11 – 12 (Sophomore’s at parent’s discretion)

Monthly Cost: $33

Materials Cost: $20


Required Text: eBook $75 – $80

No Prerequisite

NOTE: This is an AP course, and as such there are specific materials/components that must be covered in order to prepare students for the AP Exam. That being said, we will approach the subject from an academic psychological perspective in order to help students learn and understand the prevailing theories and approaches of psychology (knowing them does not equate to agreeing with them). We will also examine how these theories compare and contrast to the Biblical standard, providing an integrative approach to Psychology that utilizes the techniques and theories found in General Revelation, while filtering them through the Biblical truths/principles found in the Special Revelation of God’s Word.

COURSE DESCRIPTION/OBJECTIVES *In this course, we explore General Psychology, providing an introduction to the scientific study of human thought, behavior, and experience.

It is designed to introduce you to the multifaceted psychological field. You will actively learn about the various aspects of psychology, and learn to develop abstract reasoning skills. Further, you will learn to identify how psychological concepts apply to everyday life. Key objectives include:

– Describe psychology’s concepts, principles, terminology, & overarching themes

– Investigate psychology as a science, the scientific method, & psychological research

– Encourage critical & analytical thinking

– Examine thought processes & behavior: describing, understanding, predicting & controlling

– Explore the integration of psychology with other disciplines (neuroscience, biology, etc.)

– Assist you in developing a working knowledge of psychology’s content domains (Developmental, Learning, Social & Cognitive)

– Examine the interaction of beliefs, values, relationships, & culture in shaping behavior

– Identify/Apply course materials to real world issues, problems, and personal experiences

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