High School ASL 1

High School ASL 1

Instructor: Sharin Jacobs, M.A., CCC-SLP

Emailmusic2asl [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade: 8th – 12th grade (1 high school credit for 9th – 12th grade)

Monthly Cost: $23

Material Fee: $18

This class is designed to provide the student with a knowledge and understanding of American Sign Language, with an emphasis on fingerspelling, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, facial expressions, and awareness of the Deaf population.

There will be homework, in-class group projects, and several assignments with specific due dates (papers that are handed in late will receive a lowered grade). There will be no formal tests.

Required Supplies to bring to each class

– Paper and pen/pencil

– Pocket folder to hold handouts (this will be provided on the first day of class)

There will be NO TEXTBOOK required for this course. All materials will be handouts, and use of specific websites on the computer. No prior knowledge of ASL is required.


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