Advanced Geology

Advanced Geology (Honors)

Instructor: Jacqui Schley

Emailjqschley [at] gmail [dot] com

Grade:  11th and 12th  Counts as a lab science credit

Prerequisites:  Physical Science and either Biology or Chemistry

Monthly Cost: $33

Material Fee:  $16

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1, Physical Science and Biology are required; Geometry and Chemistry are preferred;

Course cover four scientific fields:  geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. Chapter summaries/outlines and/or vocabulary will be assigned before each chapter is covered in class. Grades will come from class discussions, labs, quizzes, and tests. Students will maintain a lab notebook, complete weekly and occasional formal lab reports, and do 3 short research reports. Two of the reports will include a project (one individual, one group). All reports will require research and correct MLA format. Rough drafts will be due the week before the final due date. The projects will be presented in class. Geology project is due before Christmas break, Astronomy research paper will be due in early March, and final project will be due first week of May. Assignments turned in late will drop 1 letter grade and will not be accepted more than a week late. Absences are only excused with an email from a parent within 24 hours.

Text: Earth Science (2005 or 2006 edition – Tarbuck & Lutgens, ISBN 9780131497511)

 Week           Topic                                                                                     

1     Introduction, Lab – Hurricane Tracking

2     Measurement, Specific Gravity Lab

3     Quiz, Minerals

4     Rocks, Rock Cycle

5     Test, Identification Lab

6     Discussion, Weathering/Erosion

7     Running Water & Ground water

8     Porosity/Permeability Lab

9     Contour Maps

10     Test, Geologic Layers lab

11      Earthquake Lab

——————Thanksgiving Break ————————

12     Projects: Deserts, Glaciers, Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics, Mid-term Review


————-Christmas Break—————–

13     Lab 14, Our Solar System

14     Origins of Modern Astronomy – Presentations

15     Lab 15, Moon Craters

16     Solar System research paper rough draft due

17     Research papers/presentations Due, Astronomy Test (take home)

18     Earth-Sun Relations, Lab 9

———————– Winter Break —————————-

19     Lab 10.1 Albedo,

20     Lab 11 Coriolis Effect Supplemental Labs

21     Meteorology Discussion and Review

22     Meteorology Test

23     DVD – Relative Humidity Worksheet

24     Climate Lab 12; Oceanography outline assigned

———————– Spring Break —————————-

25     Oceanography Discussion/DVD

26     Lab 8.1 and 8.2; Oceanography Ch 13 take home quiz

27     Oceanography Review, Take home test; take home final review

28     Final Projects due Final Exam Review

29     Final take home exam due, In-class exam/lab

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