Information for Parents

Important Information for Parents

Parent Payments. SHEEP is a partnership. Your monthly SHEEP payment should be paid by the 1st Thursday of the month BEFORE 1pm. Our teachers only get paid if you pay. Late payments make it very difficult for us to operate SHEEP. If we do not receive your payment by that time a $10 late fee is due. If a financial issue arises and you are going to be late please contact the DIRECTOR BEFORE your payment is due to make arrangements. Please note, if you have not paid, or made payment arrangements, your student will be sent to study hall on the 1st week of the month following non-payment and parents will be called.

Make sure your payment includes the $10 admin fee.   For example if you are taking Chemistry $21 and Chorus $21 .  You monthly payment is $60.  This $10 fee is per family not per child. This admin fee covers rent to facilities, insurance and other administration expenses.  This fee is to be paid by all families that take any classes at SHEEP.


What to expect: Many who are new to SHEEP ask what a typical day at SHEEP looks like. The first day is anything but typical.  The front desk is crowded with people asking questions.  Kids are in the hall wondering where their classes are.  We enlist extra parents the first couple of weeks to help move things along.  We have extra parents in the hall to help students find their way.

Due to the newness of the schedule, we ask that you would arrive the 1st day at least 15 minutes early for your classes.  If your 1st class starts at 9 AM, be there about 20 minutes early to get your name tag. Names tags will not be needed after the 3rd week.  Students may go directly to their 1st class after this time.

Have your students of all ages come to the front desk the first three weeks of classes and pick up a name tag.  Preschoolers will wear name tags all year.  This name tag will have the students schedule on the front.  This help the student know which class to go to and the times.  If you are staying all day and eating lunch, please bring a lunch that does not have to be refrigerated.

I suggest younger students carry their lunch in their back pack.  The students will eat their lunch in the room where they will have their 12:10 class. If your child’s first class is at the lunch period and they are planning to eat lunch at SHEEP, arrive by 11:50 so they are in class when it begins. Children will be instructed to eat quickly and clean up after themselves.  Please pack a light lunch that is not messy.

We are planning to have pizza the last Thursday of the month. This is OPTIONAL.  You must pay in advance for this.  The cost will be $1.50 a slice and there is a 3 slice maximum.  You must pay at the beginning of the month for your slices.  You can also pay by the semester or year.  There will be no refunds if you pay in advance and decide not to eat it. There are reminders about this on the SHEEP email loop.

Classes are 50 minutes long.  The 10 minutes in between classes is ample time for students to get to the next class and for teachers to set up for the next class.  Students should go to the bathroom between classes and not during class.

I hope you read over our guidelines.  Please know that they will be enforced.  Please make sure your student(s) abide by the dress code.  No shorts above finger tip length and no guys with pants below natural waistline and no underwear showing by anyone at any time. Skirts must be knee length.

 Please note: When SHEEP guidelines are broken, our job is to enforce the standards of excellence for everyone. As a parent, when you sign up for SHEEP classes, there is an agreement made between SHEEP leaders and you to uphold these standards for everyone.

This year, several hall monitors have been hired.  The hall monitors will be making sure students are in classes and not in rooms that they are not scheduled to be in. They will also be monitoring the dress code.  If your child is in violation of the dress code, he or she will be written up and you will be contacted.  If the child comes again with a dress code violation, you will be called to come and get your child.  All violations to the code of conduct will be written up and you will be contacted. Repeated violation to the code of conduct will result in expulsion from SHEEP.

Off limits in the building: The kitchen beside the family room is off limits to students unless they are helping a teacher.  Coffee and anything else in that kitchen is off limits to students.  There will be no congregating in this room at anytime.  Students and staff members are not allowed to use the sanctuary at any time. This area is for special performances only and with permission from the church.

Appropriate Behavior: There is no PDA at anytime.  That means no kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. I never thought I would have to say this, but there is no smoking allowed! Students are underage and SHEEP, as well as this church, does not allow it.

All students must be in an assigned room at all times.  There is no time for anyone to congregate at the front desk, the halls, behind the gym or the parking lot.  If your children do not have a class assignment, they need to be off campus.  All students not in classes will be asked to either go to their assigned class, taken to study hall or go home.  No one is allowed to wait in the parking lot for friends or their next class.  For example, if a child has a class at 10 and another at 12, you must either pick the child up at 11 or pay for study hall.

Guests:  No guests are allowed on campus without prior approval.  You cannot simply bring your friend to class with you.  All approved guests must come to the front desk for a visitor name tag. If you, as a parent, plan to visit your child’s class, please make prior arrangements with the teachers and sign in at the front desk.

Security and new traffic pattern: For the safety and security of your children, all doors except the door near the front desk will be locked during class time.  If you come after classes begin you must come by the front desk.  Doors will be opened during change of class time and then closed again when classes resume. We also have a new traffic pattern for cars in an effort to decrease the bottlenecking issue and to allow for safer crossing to the house from the main building. Please enter the parking lot at the insurance agency and exit at the sanctuary.

The gym:  At the end of the day, there is no playing in the gym or with gym equipment.  If you must talk to other parents, please make it quick and do not let your child play with anything in the gym; that means basketball, toy cars, chairs, etc.  This is not our gym and unless children are in a supervised class with a SHEEP approved teacher, they may use any gym equipment at all. Please do not send your children to the playground at the end of the SHEEP day. New this year, there will be a ballet class at 2 PM, so please do not hang out in the gym at this time. At 3:00, we all need to be off campus so that the volunteers can clean and prepare the church for their use.

Payments: Payments are due the 1st Thursday of the month.  They are due by 1 PM.  You can pay by paypal or by dropping off at the payment desk.  Please do not hand payments to anyone after 1 PM.   If you have not paid by 1 PM you must wait until the next week or pay by paypal.  If you use paypal, please include the full names of all of the children on the SHEEP account. There is a $10 fee for late payments.

You pay your full monthly payment, even if your child misses a class.  We do not prorate for your child’s absence.

SHEEP meets for 29 weeks, just like in previous years. You will owe fro 7 1/2 months.  You can pay the 1/2 month with you December or April payment.

If you are taking guitar oe voice you pay monthly for the amount of weeks SHEEP is held that month.  If SHEEP meets for 3 weeks, you pay $66, if 4 then $88.  Remember you must pay for every week, even if you are absent.  There are no make-up classes.  If Ryan cannot make the class, you will be notified and you will not have to pay.


Transportation:  If you do not have reliable transportation, please do not sign up for classes. If your child is not able to make the class, you not only prevent your child from getting that information, but you might have prevented another child from taking that slot as many classes had waiting lists. A reliable form of transportation is one in which someone (family or friend) has agreed to bring your child EVERY week to SHEEP, not someone who might be able to help out every now and then. Lack of transportation is not a reason for non- payment to SHEEP.

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